Eightfold Buddhist Path

what-is-torture1 intelligence, what-is-torture's genesis2 intelligence, what-is-torture's dissolution3 intelligence, what is the path forward to dissolution of torture intelligence; these views are temperate views.

non-erotic thoughts, non-antipathy thoughts, non-harm-will thoughts; these thoughts are temperate thoughts

abstinence from irresponsibleness in speech [this is not lying in practice], abstinence from malice in words, abstinence from adiscipline in words, abstinence from peripheralness in talk; these words are temperate words

abstinence from anything worse than selling life [this is not killing in practice], abstinence from any giving not given [this is not stealing in practice], abstinence from life devoted to marriage [this is chastity in practice] ; these deeds are temperate deeds

An itinerant-disciple questions all of the wrong ways to live to take up right ways to live; this is the path forward to temperate way to live

Temperate Asabiyyah; this is the path forward to temperate application

Memory Lanes; this is the path forward to temperate mindfullness

Four Concentrations:

Torture1: severe pain or suffering


Genesis2: the origin or mode of formation of something

Dissolution3: a process by which a solid is absorbed by a liquid especially when mixed

Compensation4: undermining psychological difficulty by developing in another direction.

Recompensation5: undermining material difficulty by developing in another direction.

Exodus6: departure from harmful or undesirable situations

Change7: to undermine something